NEW @ SWAK: Derek Jacket Hoody


  • Mesh Jacket/Hoody Combo
  • 6 colors, HUD-driven
  • Mesh standard sizing

Visit today at

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It’s happened…


I know many of you have told me that the store is my legacy and I would always come back to it one way or another. I am sorry that I fought you and did not believe you. 😛 I honestly thought I had given up SWAK for good – for real life reasons of course, but, here I am back to designing, to creating – two things I love most in RL and SL. I thank all of my unfaltering supporters and to all of my new friends and shoppers.

I welcome ideas and suggestions. My goal is to not only create something I love, but also to create something you, my customers, will love. Bring it on!

Please stay tuned for lots of new items, news, and me being the dork that I am, look for random posts when I’m bored.

TP to the all new shop–>

Much Love, Cady xx

SWAK @ The Black Market

Make sure you don’t miss The Black Market. It sets up by the 15th of every month and tons of designers get together to offer up their newest, their best, their most exclusive at amazing prices. This month is a special Halloween edition, so you definitely don’t want to miss out!

Black Market SLURL:

We got blogged, big THANK YOU to Auryn’s Fashion Closet: